Low heat electrode offered by us are excellent electrodes which bring out less heat input and it is due to a closer arc gap, which can be easily maintained while welding. It is made up of high quality raw materials. The low heat input electrodes offered by us are more efficient and give good performance. Free deposits coating ensures dense porosity. The left slag is virtually self lifting. High tensile strength value which have good strength with excellent resistance to corrosion.


RL - 1103

Alloy Basis: U,Fe, Mn, Si.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 45 - 50 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 20-28%

Typical Applications:Sheet metal works, mild steel of higher thickness, auto bodies, storage tanks, wagons, ships, boilers, vehicle chassis are welded using this.

Properties: The stable and Smooth arc that ensure good bead finish, easy peeling slag, least spatter, weld bead of X-ray quality with appropriate penetration.


RL - 1104

Alloy Basis:C, Mn, Si.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 50 - 55 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 22-30%

Typical Applications:This alloy is best suited for connecting and making up for low and medium carbon steels. It is also used for collecting the buffer layers before hard facing pressure vessels, steel castings, vehicle chassis.

Properties: This weld bead with a good appearance that take off by itself. Resistant to cracking and very ductile are the properties of this weld metal.


RL - 1106

Alloy Basis:Fe,Cr,Ni,Mn.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 70 - 85 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 22-24%

Ferrite content: 30% Approx

Hardness of pure deposit: 200-220 Brinell

Typical Applications:The usage of this can be very much observed in the heavy machinery parts, earth moving equipment's, automobile springs trumnions of cement mill and other allied components, parts subject to heat, corrosion and impact. It is also used to join the high carbon, low and high alloy steels, tool steels, springs steels, manganese steels, case hardening steels, high speed steels, cast steels and for difficult to weld steels and unidentified steels

Properties: The electrode produces very soft arc and left over weld metal is smooth and defect free. No distortion and embrifflement are present on the base metal. Resistant to friction, heat and corrosion are the properties which is work hardening and shockproof.


RL - 1107

Alloy Basis:Fe,Cr,Ni,Mn.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 55 - 65 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 30-35%

Typical Applications:This alloy is an all type of mild and alloyed steels, are resistant to heat and scale steels. This one is also used for joining dissimilar steels. It shield the alloy under hard deposit. It is used for refurbishing and correcting of Valves, Rolls, Gears, hot dies, gas turbines. The parts act strong against heat, corrosion and impact. It is used for cladding side of S.S. clad steels and also used in hydrogenation plants and combustion chamber parts.

Properties:The alloy is smooth and have high strength and offers resistance to heat and corrosion. The scale offers resistant upto 1200° C. Tough, crack proof and water resistant are the properties which are possessed by this electrode.


RL - 1109

Alloy Basis:Fe, Cr, Ni, Mn, Mo.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 55 - 65 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 30-40%

Hardness of pure deposit :200 Brineil (Approx.) Metal Recovery : 130%

Typical Applications:The commonly observed application are welding stainless steels to carbon steels, low alloy steels, cast steels and austenitic manganese steels parts. The deposition of stainless tough overlay and cast steel parts. It is used in re-fabrication of impellers, shafts, and Valve faces, and seals and turbine blades to provide resistance to heat, abrasion erosion and corrosion.

Properties:The electrode produces smooth and stable arc. It gives excellent weld finish and slag which can be removed off easily. Mo, which is present in the weld metal contains has excellent corrosion properties to oxidizing and non-oxidizings acids. Strong, ductile and tough are the property of the weld metal.


RL - 1115

Alloy Basis: Ni.

Technical Data: UTS of joint : 30 - 34 Kgf/mm2Hardness : 100-130 Brinell

Typical Applications:A unique electrode which is used for cold welding of Cast Iron which is done prior heating and also for joining cast iron to mild steel. Cast Iron parts can be surfaced which are subject to erosion, corrosion and high temperatures. Intricate Cast Iron parts, Water pumps housing, Electric motor bodies and covers, Machine Frames, Cylinder blocks, Gears,are the products which are beat suited for this.

Properties:It is a smooth stable arc and is best suited for positional welding. The minute mixing up with the base material heat affected zone.


RL - 1117

Alloy Basis: Fe, C, Si.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 60 Kgf/mm2

Typical Applications:It is used for welding and surfacing of Cast Iron, Joining of Cast iron to steel. Economical electrode particularly indicated for massive parts and large Castings, e.g. repair of foundry defects, damaged or cracked Castings. Can be successfully used on rusty, corroded and oil soaked parts. For obtaining better machinability, deposit final pass with RL-1115 or RL-1119.

Properties:Electrode with good bonding properties even on difficult to weld Cast iron. Close colour match between deposit and base material. Non machinable slope by grinding.


RL - 1119

Alloy Basis: Ni, Fe.

Technical Data: UTS of joint : (all weld deposit) 35-45 Kgf/mm2 Hardness: 150 -190 Brinell

Typical Applications:It is not used for old welding of cast Iron parts of Grey Cast Iron, nodular graphite iron. It is used for connecting cast material with steel. The electrode is best suited for casting machinable parts, bearing blocks, frames, Foundry castings etc.

Properties: This electrode have outstanding characteristics. The deposit is machinable and crack resistant. It is used to bond the weld cast iron.


RL - 1124

Alloy Basis:Fe,Cr.Ni.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 53 - 65 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 35-40%

Typical Applications:UTS of joint : 53 - 65 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 35-40%.

Properties:This one is opposes corrosion and can deposit extremely low carbon content. It produces easy arc, flat shining bead, free from inter- mixing.


RL - 1125

Alloy Basis:Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 53 - 65 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 35-40%.

Typical Applications:The very wide usage of this can be observed in austenitic stainless, Cr-Ni-Mo steels of the type 18 Cr/8Ni + Mo (V4A, AIS1316, Ugine NSM 22, Avesta 832SK, sodenfors 564, Sandvik OR 60, UHB stainless 24, etc.). It is also used to correct cracks in heavy machinery parts and is used in earth moving equipments, hot forging dies, dyeing and daily equipment etc., chemical vessels and plant breweries and food equipment.

Properties: Its deposition contains very less carbon and act strong against chemical influence and inter croystaline corrosion. It offers resistant against grain disintegration upto 300° C.


RL - 1126

Alloy Basis: Fe,Cr,Ni.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 55 - 65 Kgf/mm2 Elongation : 30-35%

Typical Applications:This alloy is used for welding of austenitic, stainless steel. The heat resistant Cr-Ni steels of the type 25 Cr / 20 Ni (NCT, Ugine MS 30, Avesta 254 E, Sandvik 15 RE 10). Welding of steels with high carbon content which is observed in building field is the area where its usage can be seen. Various other areas are furnace linings, furnace parts, burners, heat treatment pots and baskets.

Properties:This alloy is fully austenitic, heat resistant, heat resistant at working temperature up to 1200" C in oxidizing, sulphur free atmosphere.


RL - 2214 AC / RL - 2214 DC [+]

Alloy Basis: Cu,Sn.P.

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 24 - 28 Kgf/mm2, Elongation : 20%, Hardness of Pure Deposit 70-85.

Typical Applications:Welding and surfacing of Copper, Brass and Bronze, Joining Copper and Bronze to Cast Iron overlays and steel are the usage of this alloy. It is also used to fill the gaps in copper alloy castings. The deposition is used on pumps, shafts and bearing surfaces. It is also used to make up missing sections.

Properties: There are no porosity and cracks are observed in the weld metal. Smooth and uniform, excellent colour are the properties of the bead.


RL - 5511

Alloy Basis: Ni, Ti, Cu. |AWS 5.11E 11E: Ni - Cu7]

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 48 - 55 Kgf/mm2, Elongation : 30-35%

Typical Applications:This alloy is used for welding of Monel & Monel plated steels, connecting of monel to steel, depositions of corrosion resistant Monel on steel. It can be used to correct defects in Monel castings, chemical food, daily and pharmaceutical industries. RL-5521 is used as buffer layer before surfacing of stainless steel with RL-5511.

Properties: This electrode produces stable arc, produces easily detachable slag and are easy to manipulate. The noted properties of the weld are dense, porosity free and very smooth. It is not effected by sea water corrosion and heat.


RL - 5521

Alloy Basis:Ni,Mn,Cr,Fe,Nb AWS5.11 E;Ni Cr Fe-3

Technical Data:UTS of joint : 55 - 60 Kgf/mm2, Elongation :30 - 35%

Typical Applications:RL – 5521 is dexterous electrode. It is an all position electrode, which is used for welding of Nickel, inconel, Monel. Nickei-Chromium-iron alloys, HK alloys stainless and heat resisting steels. The usage of this electrode is also used for welding metals of different electrode like carbon steels, stainless steels, nickel and nickel alloys to each other. The weld metal is used on the equipment and components, which are made of pure Nickel. The corrosion resistant tanks and containers, heat exchangers, furnace, components, boilers, fittings are fabricated using this

Properties: Soft, stable arc and low currents are produced by this alloy. The deposits are cold tough and have are outstanding resistant to sealing at high temperature and are also corrosion resistance both at normal and elevated temperatures. This one possess good thermal shock resistance.


RL - 7710

Alloy Basis: Fe,Cr,Mn.C

Technical Data:Hardness of pure deposit : 29-35 RC

Typical Applications:Soft, stable arc and low currents are produced by this alloy. The deposits are cold tough and have are outstanding resistant to sealing at high temperature and are also corrosion resistance both at normal and elevated temperatures. This one possess good thermal shock resistance.

Properties: This one is an all position electrode. The deposit is resistant to Impact. It is possible to surface the layers without intermediate layers.



Alloy Basis: Fe,Cr,Mo,C.

Technical Data:Hardness of pure deposit: 56 - 58 RC

Typical Applications:RL-7711 is used to surface parts which are prone to heavy abrasive wear and mild impact. The equipments like digger teeth, drills, conveyor screws, cutting and forming tools, punches, hot work dies, shear blades, crusher hammers, crane wheels, conveyor buckets & conveyor parts, plough-shares, cultivators, pulverisers, skids mixers, oil expeiler worm, etc. Even manganese steel parts are subject to high abrasion.

Properties: Strong welding characteristics are the basic characteristics of this electrode. This is a cost effective way for making hard overlays in all position. Hard, tough and free from porosities are the properties of the weld metal.



Alloy Basis: Fe.Cr,Mn,C.

Technical Data:Hardness (As welded): 10-17RC After work hardening after 3 layers 45-55RC

Typical Applications:RL-7713 can be used for joining manganese steel parts, it can also be used for hard facing of parts which get easily changed to heavy impact and stress. It can be used on big crushing equipment like rocks, jaws, cones, gyratory crushing mantles, excavator teeth, manganese rails, etc..

Properties: The deposit is work-hardening type and opposes cracking and deformation which occurs during working. The weld metal is an excellent resistance. It is durable even though under continuous impact and abrasion.


RL - 7714

Alloy Basis: Fe.Cr,Mn,C.

Technical Data: UTS of joint : 80 - 85 Kgf/mm2, Elongation : 30 - 33%, As welded : 17-20 RC After work hardening: 42 - 50 RC, Deposition rate (Metal recovery): 140%

Typical Applications:It is an all position welding electrode which possess 14% Mn steel. It is used to weld armour steels, carbon steels also for surfacing of such steels. It is used for surfacing on 14% Mn steels, hard or unidentified steels. This weld metal is very thick that build-ups with no crack.

Properties: This is hardening type electrode which have high deposition rate. This one is ideal for hardening manganese steel parts as it is very ductile. The alloy have very quick hardening tendency, offers resistance to abrasion and also take opposes deformation and cracking.



Alloy Basis: Fe, Cr, Mo, C. W, V.

Technical Data: Hardness (As weided) : 59-61 RC, After heat treatment : 62-64 RC, After annealing : 25-30 RC

Typical Applications:It is designed for correcting, repair and manufacture of cold and hot cutting tools, knives, broaches, punching tools, drills, milling tools, hot dies etc.

Properties: This one is basic electrode which have excellent characteristics. The beads are fine drawn and regular. Slag is removable. High quality tool steel, tough, hard, wear and oxidation resistant, free from cracks and porosities are the properties of this weld metal.



Alloy Basis: Ni,Cr,C,Mn.

Technical Data: Hardness: 58 - 62 RC

Typical Applications:RL – 7720 has wear resistant coating of mild and low alloy steels. The wide usage can be very much observed in building machines, digger teeth, bucket edges, conveyor screws, mixing wings, oil expeller worms, scrapper blades, cement die rigs, muller tyres, ploughshares etc.

Properties: The deposit is hard wear resistant.



Alloy Basis: Fe,Cr,C.

Technical Data: Hardness: 59 - 61 RC

Typical Applications:It is basically used for "Spot Arc" building, the surface of the chilled cast iron rolls are roughened which are used in the sugar mills. The fabrication of sand slides, sevapers screw flights, mixing paddles etc.

Properties: The weld metal offers opposition to heavy loads which are produced while crushing of canes. It produces smooth and stable arc, it is used in positional welding. The high deposition rate is to be credited for faster build-up. Good deposition with Spray type arc permits, also imparts better grip to canes being crushed, which results in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the sugar mills.



Alloy Basis: C,Cv,Cb.

Technical Data: Hardness on second layer: 57-61 RC, Deposition rate (Metal recovery) : 180%

Typical Applications:For Hardfacing of parts subject to heavy abrasion and metal to metal wear with moderate impact upto 510°C. Suitable for refactory, press screws-brick press screws, cement press screws. Palm nut press screws, parts of crushers for friable material, conveyor screws, impellers, dredging bucket, edge runner bottom. Pug mill, wing knife, auger, boaring bits, blast furnace bells and hoppers.

Properties: Hard surfacing electrodes with very high metal recovery. Exceptional abrasion resistance at room temp. Easy arc control in horizontal position. No slag interference.


RL-7745 R

Alloy Basis: Fe,Cv,Cb,V.Mo,W, C.

Technical Data: Hardness on R.T : 57-63 RC, Hardness on 600Lo C : 40-43 RC, Deposition rate (Metal recovery) : 190-210%

Typical Applications: For surfacing a hopper and protection plates in quarries, ore crushing rolls, gyratory crushers, ore breaker teeth, sevaping brakes, sinter plant disintegrators, blastfurnace bills and hoppers.

Properties:Hard surfacing electrode with excellent abrasion resistance at high temp and exceptional metal recovery.



Typical Applications: For chamfering, gouging and making grooves in all industrial metals. For removing defective welds and rivets without using oxyacetylene and compressed air. Removing flashers and risers in foundry castings. For beveling cracks in machine frames without dismantling. A prerequisite for welding, cutting of metal parts on building sites.

Properties:Special electrode high blowing effect and producing hot exothermic penetrating arc. The molten metal is blown away quickly and provides good visibility. The cut is smooth and molten and blown away material can be removed easily. Does not damage the metal structure.



Typical Applications: Cutting and piercing of steel, Cast iron, Copper materials, Aluminium. Excellent for burning quirets, dismantling work at site and for cutting out unwanted metal in foundry castings. Oxy-acetylene or compressed air need not be used.

Properties:Special electrode with a coating which gives a stable arc during the cutting or piercing process. The kerps are clean and narrow. Suitable for all position. Produce negligible slag.