This is basic heavy coated, low hydrogen iron powder type electrode with excellent weld characteristics. Very smooth arc, medium penetration and least spatter with easy removables slag operation all positions and the deposition effeiciency is approx 115% PLEASE KEEP DRY. Typical applications in ship building, pipelines, bridges, boilers, pressure vessels, restrained joints, penstocks, blastfurnace steel work, atomic reactor shell & pipe work.


ROYAL THERM (E-7018) ( Approved & Certified by : I.R.S., L.R.S., I.B.R., B.V., P.D.I.L., B.I.S. (ISI), TOYO(TEIL), THERMAX, L & T, A.B.S., I.PC.L., K.P.G.I.L., I.O.C.L., M.R.P.L., UHDE INDIA LTD., M.M.D., B.H.P.V., RDSO IRS Class A4 B2, NPCIL, E.I.L., BHEL, ESSAR, M.N. DASTUR CO.)

Classification:  AWS : SFA5.1, E 7018 IS : 814 EB 5426 H 2 JX

This is a basic heavy coated low hydrogen iron powder type electrode with excellent weld characteristic. Very smooth arc. medium penetration and low spatter, easy to remove slag., The weld metal is ductile and crack resistant and is of radiographic quality. It is easy to operate In all position and deposition efficiency is approximately 115% (Please Keep Dry)

Typical Applications: Ship Building Pipeline Bridges, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Restrained Joint Penstocks, Blast Furnace Steel Work, Atomic Reactor Shell & Pipework.


ROYAL THERM - SPL (E-7018 - 1) ( Approved & Certified by : L.R.S., B.V., P.D.I.L., M.R.P.L., UHDE INDIA LTD.)

Classification: AWS : SFA5.1, E 7018 - 1 IS : 814 EB 5629 H3JX

This unique electrode is capable of yielding welds which are of Radiographic quality specially designed for high impact values down to - 46 centigrade and is crack resistant. This electrode has easy slag removal, excellent arc stability and arc smoothness.

Typical Applications: Boilers, pumps & compressors, blast furnace steel work, bridges, rail wagons, earth moving equipment's road building machinery tank pressure vessels, penstocks, atomic reactor shells.


ROYAL - 7016 (E-7016) ( Approved & Certified by : RDSO IRS Class A, B)

Classification: AWS : SFA5.1, E 7016 IS : 814 EB 5426 H3X

A medium heavy coated all position hydrogen controlled electrode for the welding of medium high tensile structural steel such as carbon steels upto 0.040% C, Manganese steel upto 2.0% Mn. Siiicon steel upto 0.5% Cr. Chrome Nickel steel where matching of base metal and weld metal is not necessary. Gives radiographic quality welding & deposition efficiency of 112% approximately.

Typical Applications: For Joining Mild steel to cast iron. For butt welding on rail ends &railway class III steels and for fixing rails to mild steel girders for overhead cranes


ROYAL - 7016 (W) (E-7016)

Classification: AWS : SFA5.1, E 7016 IS : 814 EB 5426 H3X

It is a medium coated, hydrogen en controlled all position electrode. It gives a smooth clean weld deposit with least spatter due to having a special type of lime coating. The weld metal is highly resistant to cracking and gives radiographic quality. Dry the electrodes at 300°C for one hour for best result.

Typical Applications: It is used for welding of high carbon steel to mild steel, high carbon steel parts, low alloy steel, armour plates, cast steels as well as unknown composition of steel.


ROYAL - THERMS (2H) SPL (E-7018 - NACE) ( Approved & Certified by :E.I.L.)

Classification: AWS : SFA5.1, E 7018 (NACE) IS : 814 EB 5426H3JX

A heavy coated iron powder type all position electrode for welding of high tensile. heavy sections, structural steel and restraind joints in high tensile steels. It gives smooth arc, medium penetration and detach the fag easily in a Vee grove Joint. The electrode is used for critical welding and gives welding characteristics the weld metal contains 1.20% Mn and controlled Sulphur as well as Hydrogen which is extremely resistant to cold and hot cracking. The welds is of radiographic quality.

Typical Applications: It is used for welding of high carbon steel tanks & pressure vessels, heavy machinery bridges, penstocks, carbon steel & low alloy ateel fabrication with stand high temperature service condition & also for joining heavy parts of earth moving equipments.


ROYAL THERM MOLY (E-7018 A1) ( Approved & Certified by :Larsen & Toubro Ltd.)

Classification: AWS : SFA5.5, E 7018 - A1 IS : 1395 E49 B A1-26-Fe

A low hydrogen, low alloy iron powder type basic coated all position electrode yielding a weld deposit containing 0.50% Mo. The weld metal Is of radio graphic quality and can withstand service temperature upto 525°C. Smooth and weld rlpled beads possessing excellent mechanical properties at room and at elevated temperature.

Typical Applications: Suitable for boilers welding, pressure vessels pipe and tubes. High temperature application upto 525°C